Anjaneyar Vennai Kappu

Date:15th February 2014

Significance – Butter Dressings:

  • Devotees bring fresh butter from their houses, which they have themselves got from churning curds and give it to the archaka who applies it on Hanuman. It was during the Rama Ravana war. Ravana was trying his best to defeat Rama. But each of his weapon was squashed by Rama’s arrows. Rama was being carried by Hanuman as at that time. He did not have a war chariot like Ravana, whose ratha was magnificent.

    Ravana was becoming frustrated. Ravana changed his tactics. Instead of attacking Rama he started to shoot at Hanuman who was carrying Rama. Hanuman had got the boon of immortality from Brahma but that did not prevent him from getting injured.

    Lord Rama began to fight like a whirlwhind and soon made Ravana run from the battle field. Our Lord tolerates any amount of hardship but cannot see His bhaktas being troubled. When they retired to their camp Rama made Hanuman to lie down and inspite of his protests called for cool butter applied it Himself on Hanuman’s burning wounds. To remember that, we still apply butter on Hanuman.

  • The Vennai kappu ( Butter ) too is a kind of appeasement to Hanuman.

    While he carried the Parvat hill to get the Siranjeevi herb, some of the bacterias and mud fell on his hairy body. To get rid of these itch and to smoothen his body, the butter was applied on his body and Anjaneya was allowed to take bath after the application which gave him immediate relief from the lices, bacteria etc. This too now exists as an appeasement to the Hanuman known as Siriya Thiruvadi.