Shanthi Prayogas

The life span of a man is hundred years as ordained by ‘sastras.’ Every human being is enjoying life and health according to the good and bad deeds he had done during his previous births and also what he has done up to this day in the present birth, says ‘scriptures.’

It is, but, natural every individual person has to face innumerable hurdles in his lifetime and to avoid them, he has to perform certain remedial measures which are known as “Penance” or prayaschitta” as laid down by our ‘sastras.’

We give below some of the important religious acts of appeasements which are termed as ‘Shanthi Prayogas’

*Quoted from Guruji Kalyanarama Swamigal, Founder of Sree Mahalakshmi Yoga Peetam, Showering Long life, Good Health, Prosperity and Divine power.*